Subtle to Bold - Kiso | Kyya | Zaya


from Denovo and Colour & Design



The intricate fine print of DeNovo’s Kiso blends a luminous woven linen with an intertwined thread-like metallic accent. A classic design with an updated palette featuring 20 tailor-made hues.



Inspired by tribal and ethnic designs, Kyya alludes the exotic and abstract. The Manipulation of positive and negative space and use of earthy tones provides balance and visual texture. The free-form shapes and curvilinear layers lead the eye in various directions, creating a sense of movement. Kyya will add a hint of imagination and originality to any space.

Zaya 1200x750 (1).jpg


As Zaya imitates dazzling, flashing lights and streamlined, parallel skyscrapers, it also reflects elegance and the sophistication of being in the city. Zaya was inspired by the geometric lines and symmetrical forms found in cosmopolitan venues. By incorporating rich, metallic hues and layered textures, Zaya radiates energy and life and will give any space a metropolitan sensation.