New from Colour & Design and Denovo

4 New Patterns


Style to stand the test of time…

Inspired by and named after the enduring stone walls in Toscano Italy, Magliano is Colour & Design’s newest textural wallcovering. A montage of various size interlocking blocks, both tactile and beautiful in 20 natural stone patina colourways.


Colour & Design presents CASSON™ in a whole new light! A sparkling glint of thin metallic now threads our popular woven texture in a timeless range of 18 beautiful colours.

Casson is a 20 oz. Type II wallcovering and is NSF/ANSI 342 Standard certified.


DeNovo presents Truro – think beautiful in its simplicity. Truro adds subtle yet artful detail to walls in a soft sand texture with intersecting filaments and blended hues…just the right luster to captivate in 18 colourways.

“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see”

Henry David Thoreau

Block 35

DeNovo’s latest introduction. Reminiscent of an aerial Parisian view, this mid-scale bold graphic design instantly adds personality to any space. A palette of 15 rich metallic on matte colour combinations complete this line.

Meghan LaLonde