Wood Surfaces

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Stacked Wood

Stacked Wood offers a range of decorative wall panels in an array of designs and textures. This product is something you have to see in person, you will quickly fall in love. With some of the best product support in the industry this product is an easy choice.

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Sanfoot elevates wood veneer to a different level. Versatility is the key behind this product and its ability for numerous application styles. It’s all about the process where Sanfoot finds a grace and beauty with their production, milling never seemed so alluring. It is the most affordable way to put real wood up in large quantities while not losing the quality.

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Woodwalls 2

Our most economical choice of wood and a true environmental pioneer. This wallcovering is made from wood pulp and printed to look like the wood species. It recycles unwanted trees and puts them to good use. How does it get better than that?