Awake Flooring

Awake brings technology and beauty to the market. Our newest lines to the brand are Quiet Click VTB and Quiet Click Wood. The benefits are plentiful and include but are not limited to: fast and easy install without acclimation, installation with minimal floor prep, is dimensionally stable and the icing on the cake resists mold and mildew.


Floor 2 Ceiling Tile & Plank Flooring

Floor 2 Ceiling delivers a product following the latest design trends while enhancing the performance of the floor. It offers superior scratch resistance coupled with stain resistance and a high PSI performance. Available in Tile and Plank style for ease of installation. 


Grabo Sheet Flooring

Our most technologically advanced flooring yet. With technology that kills bacteria and mold growth, this flooring is perfectly paired with the commercial design world. Can be installed with heat weld or chemical weld.

Silverknight eliminates harmful bacteria without the use of chemicals, it has a self-disinfecting surface reached by a unique double-defense-line. 1st line: Nano-silver is used to destroy inactive microbes such as bacteria, fungi, and viruses. 2nd line of defense: Nanotio2 helps to decompress germs with the use of Titanium dioxide. It transforms harmful substances into harmless compounds through a chemical oxidation process.