Wake up, Get Up, It's the First of the Month... with AWAKE FLOORING!

Awake Flooring

Now available THREE, yes 3, different collections from Awake Flooring.

Quiet Click VTB, Quiet Click Wood and Everyday LVT.

Quiet Click VTB was the first release to Awake Flooring. It is beautiful and durable. It like Quiet Click Wood, is a floating floor, thus reducing installation time and cost. It offers a unique EVA pad ensuring that it can exceed acoustical requirements for any project. The UV wear layer has millions of ceramic microspheres that make this flooring a very durable and easy to maintain flooring option.

Quiet Click Wood is innovative and beautiful with a total of 12 different color options. Featuring a real wood veneer; species used Walnut, Hickory, and Oak. Intended for interior use and is suitable for above-grade, on-grade and below-grade applications. Uses the same EVA pad as the Quiet Click VTB.

Everyday LVT is just that, flooring for the everyday. LVT is a durable, affordable option for commercial flooring. This line offers over 60 designs to ensure it fits seamlessly into any aesthetic. You can mix and match our LVT flooring to customize unique designs created for every step you take.

Meghan LaLonde